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3 Ways Kombucha Helped a YEABUCHA Sister in Pregnancy

How drinking kombucha can help during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful miracle, but it’s not always easy or lovely. Your body is sharing space while you grow a human and the effects of that can be brutal. It was right before I took a pregnancy test that I realized I was pregnant. I was driving our new car (we’d only had it a week) and I could feel that I was about to puke. I pulled over immediately and my breakfast came back up in my lap...and just like that, I haven’t been able to stomach a green smoothie since. This pregnancy has had me sicker than ever before, and the struggle was real those first 13 weeks. 

How drinking kombucha has helped me during pregnancyKombucha turned out to be the one thing I could tolerate for a particularly tough 3 week stretch where I couldn’t keep anything down. Ginger mint home brew kombucha helped me so much. I normally have a glass of kombucha 3 times a day (first thing in the morning, mid afternoon and sometime in the evening), so it was part of my routine to start my day drinking it. I had hopes the ginger and peppermint would soothe my feelings of nausea, and it truly did.

I love good food and really enjoy cooking healthy, paleo-ish food. Having no energy or desire to cook is hard, but I’ve learned to accept this season is not my normal and someday I will eat my greens again. It felt really great knowing that while my diet looked very different (I have lived mostly on lemon chicken soup and arroz chuffa), kombucha is a daily source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Plus, kombucha makes these good things bioavailable (easy for my body to use and absorb), so me and my baby enjoy the benefits.

How drinking kombucha has helped during pregnancyI try to limit my caffeine during pregnancy. With my first daughter I had zero, with my second I had a little and this time around I am having less and less. When I started drinking kombucha every morning, it naturally took the place of my morning coffee. During pregnancy it still gives me a boost of energy to start my day, and pushes me through the afternoon. I also love how it settles me in the evening. Kombucha is an adaptogen, which means it naturally gives me an energy boost when I need it, or it can help relax when that is the goal.

I am feeling much better these days, but still struggle with nausea and extreme aversions from time to time. Kombucha continues to help me feel better and I wanted to share how it has helped me with any other mamas who might be struggling out there.

How drinking kombucha helped during my pregnancyWhen it comes to kombucha, always trust your gut especially during pregnancy. If your body does not want to drink kombucha take a break until it appeals to you again. These nine months are worth all the sacrifices! Once our sweet baby arrives, provided drinking kombucha continues to settle well for me, I will continue enjoying my daily kombucha and benefits as I nurse!

If you are interested in brewing your own kombucha, get set up with our deluxe home brew kit that really has everything beginners need to get started!

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