YEABUCHA Home brew kombucha kits get you set up for a life time kombucha brewing

We know your time is limited. We created a kombucha home brew kit that has everything you need. Just add water and follow our 3 Simple Steps for brewing and flavoring kombucha.

Kombucha is fermented tea

How to brew kombucha with the YEABUCHA sisters

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I love YeaBucha AND the community! My kit was super cute and included more than everything you could need to brew.  The YeaBucha team knows their stuff! I am grateful to have a place to ask questions, get tips and flavor ideas, and learn about experimenting with brews.  If you're new to brewing, or you've been brewing for years - YeaBucha is a great resource to get your started or keep you improving! 

Candace, Denver CO

I'm so happy to be introduced to YeaBucha! I have always loved Kombucha but like a lot of people, I didn't exactly understand what it is I was drinking and find it to be expensive at the store.  Using the kit, I learned the process, the health benefits, and have a rewarding fun new hobby! YeaBucha was beyond thorough and simple to follow - nothing extra needed at all and not very time consuming! Im kick-started to continue brewing on my own from here with everything supplied, which really allows you to take advantage of the value of the starter kit.  I highly recommend! 

Sarah, Boston MA

YeaBucha is more than just a brewing started kit! It is a community I have come to value that encourages my desire to be healthy and save money.  I used to spend about $25 a week on store bought Kombucha, and now thanks to YeaBucha's Starter Kit, I spend maybe $1.50 per week on a gallon of even better tasting, home made, Kombucha. Its fun and delicious. My only regret is not ordering the kit sooner! 

Brooke, Brick NJ