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SCOBY [sko-bee]

noun.  The acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. 

The essential life force of your home brew that turns

sweet tea into delicious kombucha through fermentation.

YEABUCHA only sells beautiful, full size SCOBYs.



Our kits make brewing kombucha at home safe, easy + delicious. 

The YEABUCHA Method teaches you in 3 simple steps how to brew + flavor kombucha. 

Our exclusive online community provides brewing support and real time Q+A with the YEABUCHA Sisters.

We have everything you need to home brew kombucha!

What our brewers have to say:

I love being able to interact with other brewers and the YEABUCHA community is fantastic for any questions or brewing suggestions. YEABUCHA has made it incredibly easy to get started and continue home brewing.

I really love making kombucha. I get excited about brewing it and drinking it.  It makes me happy and I know being happy is good for my health!

I love how it tastes. It makes me feel good that i am doing something good for my body. My kids love it too. It helps my daughter be less addicted to sugar.

Brewing kombucha alone is time and energy put towards me and my families wellness. Knowing that I have healthy alternatives at arms reach is super encouraging to continue making healthy choices.

I pass on alcohol almost always. I’d much rather pop a bottle of my home brewed kombucha.

Once you get a kit it's very simple.