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3 Health Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

YEABUCHA Top 3 Health Benefits of Drinking Home Brew Kombucha

You better believe kombucha isn't JUST a delicious drink! The more we started drinking kombucha, the more our eyes were opened to its multitude of health benefits it offers. We have researched the ways it helps our minds and bodies, and we have experienced it personally.  Check out our top 3 reasons why we drink the booch (aside from its yummy taste, of course)!

Gut Health - If you're at all in tune to the health and wellness world, you've likely heard this term thrown around a lot. Gut health is all about optimizing and healing your digestive system! Did you know 80% of your immune system is located in your gut?! A healthy gut equals a healthier you! And drinking Kombucha supports a healthy gut because it’s loaded with probiotics (balanced, good bacteria) and digestive enzymes. It is also low in sugar, and can help relieve stress, which can manifest in the gut!

Health benefits of brewing kombucha

Immune Boosting - Kombucha is an adaptogenic tonic filled with acids and enzymes that strengthen the immune system. Adaptogens help your body adapt (get it?!) to varying external and internal stressors, allowing your body to maintain internal balance which is key for strong and cold kicking immune system! Trace amounts of alcohol and bioavailability make it easy for all the systems in your body to utilize. 

Health benefits of drinking kombucha

Liver & Kidney Function - Kombucha acts as a filter, detoxifying your body from the residue left behind in the organs from processed food and aiding in the removal free radicals. Most toxins are fat soluble, so it takes the liver more time to get rid of them. Drinkning kombucha turns the toxins into water soluble making it easier for your liver to flush out. There are harmful toxins all around us and drinking kombucha can help flush out the toxic build up in your body to help you be the best you. 

Are you ready to see how kombucha can help you feel better naturally? Click here to get your YEABUCHA home brew kit and start your journey to a healthier gut, boosted immune system and the best functioning liver and kidneys around!





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  • The YEABUCHA Sisters on

    We are happy to share a bit more about brewing kombucha! Kombucha, especially home brewed, is loaded with health benefits. We’ve got an entire section of our blog dedicated to the many benefits of drinking home brewed kombucha, its detoxifying, aids with digestion, low in sugar and full of probiotics!
    Kombucha is fermented tea made from a SCOBY! We don’t recommend growing your own SCOBY as that tends to lead to an unstable brew and mold. You can pick up a SCOBY and everything you need to get started brewing your own kombucha from our shop. Plus when you brew with us, you get access to our community group to ask all your brewing questions.
    Let us know if you have any questions! We’d love to help you get started in your brewing journey!

  • Michael Jackson on

    Kombucha has added to my hydration this summer what are other health benefits of Kombucha & can I grow it here in the United States?

  • Marilyn on

    This home brew is SO much more delicious than the store bought kombucha! I love how you can be creative flavoring it with fruits and herbs – but it is yummy plain too! The Yeabucha starter kit and instructions make getting into this healthy drink so easy!

  • Brooke on

    Yes! So glad I finally got into home brewing. It’s so easy and so much fun!

  • Judith on
    I haven’t gotten brave enough to try this yet, but maybe one day!

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