Stop & Start Brewing Kombucha - 3 Things to Do if you Need to Take a Break from Brewing Kombucha



We get it, sometimes life just gets too busy and you can’t find the time for even your favorite hobby! The good news is kombucha is a hearty culture that is far more resilient than other live cultures (like kefirs which are super delicate). With minimal preparation you can neglect your brew and pick it right back up when you are ready to get brewing again. Here’s how:

How to take a break from brewing kombucha by YEABUCHAMake sure you have enough liquid. Over time the liquid will evaporate and get used by the SCOBY.  You want to keep your SCOBYs covered in liquid at all times to prevent it from drying out.  The next time you open this jar, you will notice a more vinergary smell (and taste if you want to try it). The fermentation process continues even without actively brewing. Remember, this is a living culture and the bacteria and yeast will continue to eat the sugar. A thick, white SCOBY will probably grow on top. 

Kombucha SCOBY stored safely in a jar. Keep it in a safe place with the plastic lid securely covered. House plants can spread pollen and other organisms throughout your home, carrying unwelcome bacteria or mold that can disrupt your brew. This can easily be prevented by properly storing your brew. Make sure to keep it in a place free from plants and other living cultures with the plastic lid on it.

How to feed your kombucha SCOBY Hotel. Feed your brew  ½ a gallon of sweet tea every 2-4 months. This will keep your SCOBY and starter liquid strong until you’re ready to brew again. Remove the cover, pour in fresh sweet tea, (make sure it has cooled) give it a stir and switch back to your cloth cover.  After two weeks switch the cloth cover back to the plastic cover. Your level of starter liquid should determine when you add sweet tea. 

    When you’re ready to get to brewing, check out our “Restart Your Brew Guide” to get back in the game! We promise, it’s just as easy as it was getting started the first time! Once your ready to brew again brewing you can go ahead and use that thick white SCOBY that has grown. If you have some extra ones  check out our quick reads about what you can do with all those extra SCOBYs.

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