Kombucha Shrub Recipes

Strawberry Mint Kombucha Shrub

Strawberry Mint Kombucha Shrub

Looking for a simple + delicious way to make a craft cocktail or mocktail? This recipe for Strawberry Mint Kombucha Shrub will treat your palate and your gut.
Fresh Blueberries used to make Blueberry Kombucha Shrub recipe by YEABUCHA

Blueberry Kombucha Shrub

Adding a splash of Blueberry Kombucha Shrub will take your lemonade and ice tea to the next level this summer!
How to make a strawberry kombucha shrub by YEABUCHA.

Strawberry Kombucha Shrub

The YEABUCHA sisters recipe for using home brew kombucha to make strawberry mint shrub!