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Making Kombucha Shrubs

Love fancy cocktails but hate the extra calories and artificial sweeteners found in most mixers? We’re with you on that, which is why we fell in love with kombucha shrubs from the first time we...

Making Kombucha Vinegar

Kombucha vinegar is an easy way to add bold flavor and big nutrition to your cooking with little effort. Infusing over brewed kombucha with herbs and spices will leave you with a savory vinegar that...

Kombucha & Skincare

Drinking kombucha may help beautify your skin from the inside out, but it doesn’t have to stop there.  We have created an Organic Kombucha Face Mask made from a probiotic culture and a choice blend of therapeutic...

3 Ways SCOBYs Can Help Your Body During Pregnancy

While drinking kombucha often helps pregnant women feel better, homebrewers get the added bonus of using SCOBYs from your hotel for a wide range of natural remedies.

The Tea Story

Tea is one of the most important ingredients in home brewed kombucha, second only to the quality of your SCOBY. The type of tea can dramatically impact the growth of your SCOBY and the taste of your brew, and over time flavored tea can negatively impact the health of your brew. When we first started YEABUCHA, we knew that finding the right tea for our brew kits was a priority.   

Fresh Summer Kombucha Flavors to Try 

Fresh fruits and abundant herbs, make summer the perfect time to try some delicious new seasonal flavors for your kombucha.

Rebalance Your Brew

One of the many great things about kombucha is that it is a very resilient ferment. SCOBYs have an incredible ability to adapt and find balance within each brew. As you fine tune your brewing method and find your optimal flavor profile, you will quickly notice if something is not quite right with your brew. Pay attention to signals your brew might be giving you.

Is my SCOBY suppose to do that?

3 things SCOBYs do that are normal! Is my SCOBY dead? Alive? Moldy? Sinking? Normal? We get it; it’s hard to know which sources to trust, especially when it comes to what we’re putting into our bodies! 

The BEST Kombucha Brew Kit - 3 Reasons to Choose YEABUCHA

Why us? Why not jump on Amazon and capitalize on that Prime Membership to get your jar and “grow - a - SCOBY” kit in 2 days? Take it from the experts (please!), that might not be the best idea!