Kombucha for Nursing Mothers - 3 Ways You Can Benefit

Can nursing mothers drink kombucha? Yes, here are 3 ways it benefits them.

Nursing moms get so much respect from us. It is a selfless act of love to nurture your new babe, but nursing can leave you feeling like an exhausted milk machine. Thankfully, the good news is that nursing doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking your favorite fizzy, sweet and tart kombucha. Even better is that it will actually HELP with easing the stress and fatigue of new motherhood. In case you needed more than just the relaxation perks, or digestive benefits, here are 3 ways drinking kombucha can benefit nursing mamas:

  1. Increases the flow of breast milk because of the trace amounts of nutrition
  2. Gives you a natural energy boost from microdoses of B vitamins
  3. Reduces fatigue and stress because it is an adaptogen and naturally helps reduce anxiety!
Can kids drink kombucha
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