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Kombucha Soda - 3 Alternatives to Try

YEABUCHA quick read blog article 3 home brew kombucha recipes as a healthy alternative to soda

Let's be honest, as health conscious as you may be, sometimes the thought of a nice cold, fizzy soda sounds enticing. Conventional soda is loaded with chemicals and synthetic acids that destroy your gut health and wreak havoc on your body. Then there is the sugar content- about 24 grams per 8 oz! Even "healthier" brands that use pure cane sugar in place of it's inexpensive and heavily refined counterpart have more sugar than any of us need to drink on a regular basis. Never mind the fact that we know the artificial sweeteners used to cut that number down-- are known carcinogens. What you may ask is one to do if you are craving a sweet, bubbly drink, but don't want to sacrifice your health? We love drinking kombucha as an alternative to soda. 

Fermentation was the original process used to make different types of carbonated beverages in ancient cultures. People used fermentation and the flavors of herbs and barks to turn questionable water into a drinkable concoction that was delicious and nutritious. Gingerale, root beer have been around for centuries and are flavored with things like ginger root, sassafras bark, birch bark, cinnamon, cloves, licorice root and even hops.  The reason we crave a fizzy drink is more natural than you might actually think. We may have traces of a collective memory of the benefits lacto fermented foods can have on our bodies like balancing gut bacteria, rebuilding the gut lining and preventing candida overgrowth. 

It has been theorized that our bodies naturally crave these types of carbonated beverages because they are instinctually associated with nutrition. We also love the pleasant taste and uplifting, positive effects on the physiology of the body.

Even kids can enjoy drinkning kombucha as a delicious carbonated treat without the risk of forming an early habit for overconsumption of sugar and harmful chemicals. YEABUCHA sister Briana has two daughters who love kombucha (especially ginger apple) and while they have not tried soda, there are so many reasons why she lets her kids drink kombucha. 

And here is more great news: you can easily flavor your home brewed kombucha to resemble classic soda flavors or trendy new concoctions. And no need to worry about all that added sugar, the sugar in kombucha is used to fuel the fermentation process. Try adding these fresh flavors to your kombucha after the first fermentation!

Our Top 3 Soda Replacement Kombucha Home Brew Flavors:

Favorite flavors for making kombucha

Blueberry Mint Kombucha

1/4 cup blueberries
3-5 fresh pieces of mint


Lemon Ginger kombucha is delicious

Ginger Buzz Bucha
2 tbs of ginger
1 slice of lemon
1 tbs of honey

Apple Cinnamon kombucha

Apple Cinnamon Kombucha
1/2 apple cut into pieces
1 tsp cinnamon

Don't these delicious and healthy Kombucha flavors sound way better than what’s in that Coca Cola of yours? Read the ingredients of Coke and then Click Here to get started with your YEABUCHA home brew!

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