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YEABUCHA Quick Read Article: Kombucha for weight loss

Weight Loss and Kombucha - 3 Things to Consider

Drinking kombucha can help you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unlike trendy health fads and elimination diets that many of us have ...
How drinking kombucha can help during pregnancy

Kombucha & Pregnancy - 3 Ways Drinking Kombucha Has Helped a YEABUCHA Sister During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful miracle, but it’s not always easy or lovely. Your body is sharing space while you grow a human and the effects of that can be brutal.
YEABUCHA's quick read article on 3 things to know about Kids & Kombucha

Kombucha for Kids - 3 Things to Know

You may be surprised to discover many children enjoy the refreshingly sweet and tart taste of kombucha.
YEABUCHA Home Brew Kombucha Kits produce delicious kombucha that is rich in vitamins and minerals that stabilizing affects for the menstrual cycle.

3 Effects Drinking Kombucha Can Have on the Female Cycle

Believe it or not, drinking kombucha can have an effect on the female cycle.
Benefits of drinking kombucha as a nursing mom

Kombucha for Nursing Mothers - 3 Ways You Can Benefit

The good news is that nursing doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking your favorite  fizzy, sweet and tart kombucha. Even better is that it will actually HELP with easing the stress and fatigue of new motherhood.
Can you drink Kombucha during pregnancy

Kombucha During Pregnancy - 3 Ways Drinking Kombucha During Pregnancy Can Help a Mama Feel Better

For many pregnant women, drinking kombucha can be an excellent way to nourish your body. It can soothe the tummy and the mind, as well as give you a daily dose of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.
YEABUCHA Blog, 3 Ways Drinking Kombucha can Naturally Reduce Anxiety

3 Ways Drinking Kombucha Can Naturally Reduce Your Anxiety

Most of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives. Considering this crazy world we live in and the multitude of things vying for our time and attention, it's no wonder we are are often left feeling anxious. Reaching for a glass of kombucha may be exactly what your body needs to rebalance itself.
YEABUCHA Sisters: 3 surprising effects of drinking kombucha

3 Surprising Effects of Kombucha

If you haven’t noticed by now, kombucha does a lot of good for your body! In addition to that lovely calm energy you carry after consuming your morning cup o’ bucha,
Digestive Benefits of Kombucha. YEABUCHA shares the benefits of this powerful tonic beverage!

Kombucha & Digestion - 3 Digestive Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, whole body health begins with your gut health. This means a digestive system that is functioning properly and smoothly.
Best way to make elderberry syrup at home, easy kit for DIY elderberry syrup

Boost Your Immunity - 3 Simple Steps You Can Take at Home

We’ve all been there - your nose is starting to run, there’s that slight tickle in the back of your throat, and... was that a cough?!
YEABUCHA Top 3 Health Benefits of Drinking Home Brew Kombucha

Benefits of Kombucha - 3 Health Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

You better believe kombucha isn't JUST a delicious drink! The more we started drinking kombucha, the more our eyes were opened to its multitude of health benefits.