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3 Surprising Effects of Kombucha

YEABUCHA Sisters: 3 surprising effects of drinking kombucha

If you haven’t noticed by now, kombucha does a lot of good for your body! In addition to that lovely calm energy you carry after consuming your morning cup o’ bucha, here are few more surprising things you may not know about this wonderful beverage.

Reduces Cravings- Kombucha is loaded with bioavailable (ready and easy for your body to absorb) vitamins and nutrients.  So, if you find yourself literally craving the booch, chances are it is supplying your body with a nutrient it is deficient in. You may also notice fewer cravings for alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Goodbye midnight snacking - hello,  midnight kombucha!

Heals Your Gut- Kombucha promotes the growth of healthy bacteria which is often depleted through the consumption of processed foods and medications. When you regularly consume kombucha your body uses the regular influx of living bacteria and yeast to stimulate a healthy gut and stop the overgrowth of Candida (the bad guy of bacteria that causes a host of digestional issues).

Detoxifies- Kombucha is like a liver filter. It has both gluconic acid and glucuronic acids that work by bonding with toxins in the liver and turning them from fat soluble into water soluble. Now they can be easily flushed out in urine. As hard as we try to avoid toxins, they enter our bodies many different ways including water, air and food. To keep our bodies healthy and strong, it’s crucial that we flush toxins from our bodies before they cause cell and tissue damage or lead to tumor formation.

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