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3 Reasons Why Kombucha "Candy" is GOOD For You

Yeabucha Home Brew Kombucha Kits Quick Read article about Kombucha Fruit Candy

With Halloween just around the corner and candy taking over aisles at the grocery store, we can’t help but feel the impending over consumption of candy creeping our way. But with the health perils of sugar becoming increasingly evident, and especially for those mamas who’ve seen first hand their children turn wild and grumpy after they’ve eaten too much candy! There is no doubt that our culture’s obsession with highly processed corn syrup, sugar and chemicalized sugar substitutes is detrimental to our health. Studies show there is an increasing number of people diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and inflammatory diseases each year. 

At the same time, sugar is a vital component in the fermentation process when brewing kombucha. Sugar in kombucha is broken down into fructose and glucose to feed the bacteria and yeast. When consumed in its natural form and in moderation, sugar actually helps our bodies perform critical functions. It is important to be aware of the source and amounts of sugar we consume, which is why we think kombucha is an excellent option for your daily dose, especially for our kids!

In a world full of “fruit candies” that are filled with artificial chemicals and sugars, we found fruit “candy” in our home brew kombucha that provided a great, real alternative. We've also discovered that kombucha doubles as the perfect alternative to soda! When brewing with fruit during second fermentation, you produce fizzy (infused with CO2) and tangy (slightly fermented) fruit, which we affectionately refer to as kombucha candy. We’ve gotten in the habit of saving the fruit from our second fermentation and enjoying it chilled! Some of our favorites include grapes, blueberries & apples. But consider yourself warned, your people may fight over them! For us, it was the most delicious fermented food we had ever tried. We often double our fruit during second fermentation just so we have more kombucha candy to go around!  Curious about fermented foods?

    Kids love brewing kombucha and eating fermented fruit from YEABUCHA brew kit

    Check out 3 Incredible Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods:

    1. Fermented foods are RICH in probiotics and the healthy bacteria & yeast help restore and maintain a balanced gut.
    2. Fermented foods are partially pre-digested so our bodies do less work for more nutritional gains in the form of easy absorption.
    3. Fermented foods IMPROVE mood and promote calm & balance throughout the whole body unlike processed and refined sugar consumption, which generally lead to a crash.

    Want to get into some kombucha candy? We haven’t seen it sold in stores (yet) so you get to make your own! Grab a YEABUCHA brew kit and get on your way to both home brew kombucha and kombucha candy!

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