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Kombucha for Kids - 3 Things to Know

YEABUCHA's quick read article on 3 things to know about Kids & Kombucha
You may be surprised to discover many children enjoy the refreshingly sweet and tart taste of kombucha. Kombucha and kids make an excellent pair, even if they make a sour face their first sip or bite of fermented fruit candy! We’ve discovered it takes no time for kids to get hooked on this fruity and tangy drink that is filled with vitamins and boosts immunity. This tasty beverage is loaded with health benefits without the harmful chemicals, sugar and food coloring found in so many popular kids’ beverages. Kombucha is actually very low in sugar, especially a home brew! Drinking Kombucha is beneficial for children in the same way it’s beneficial for adults! Check out our top 3 reasons why we reach for kombucha over fruit juice any day:

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  1. It is a delicious and affordable probiotic. While there are increasing options out there for children’s probiotics these days, our top choice is always kombucha because it tastes so good and home brew kombucha costs less than $2 a week. That’s a win - win for us! 
  2. It supports a healthy brain - gut connection. This is super important because many autoimmune and behavioral problems stem from a disconnect between the gut and brain. Kombucha has also been known to help decrease anxiety. A healthy gut make a healthy and happy kid!  
  3. It helps ease many common childhood illnesses ranging from colic, to indigestion and stomach problems. Kombucha aids in digestion & strengthens immune systems to keep our little ones running at full speed.

As with anything you add into the health and wellness routine for your family, we recommend starting with small amounts of kombucha. Every kid is different and we wouldn't want you to start with too much too soon, so we encourage you to check out our quick read on the 3 Things to Know Before Drinking Kombucha. We’ve found its best to start slow with a 4 oz glass each morning and see how your child responds. As you see how it affects them, feel free to give them more. If you are ready to dive into the world of homebrewing, click here to grab you brew kit!

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