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Making Kombucha Shrubs

Love fancy cocktails but hate the extra calories and artificial sweeteners found in most mixers? We’re with you on that, which is why we fell in love with kombucha shrubs from the first time we...

Making Kombucha Vinegar

Kombucha vinegar is an easy way to add bold flavor and big nutrition to your cooking with little effort. Infusing over brewed kombucha with herbs and spices will leave you with a savory vinegar that...

Fresh Summer Kombucha Flavors to Try 

Fresh fruits and abundant herbs, make summer the perfect time to try some delicious new seasonal flavors for your kombucha.

Kombucha Fermentation

2 Types of Fermentation & 3 Combinations to Try! Small batch kombucha typically goes through 2 fermentation processes before you drink it. During this transformation, the sweet tea you begin with turns into fizzy kombucha with a myriad of health benefits for the mind, body, and gut. 

3 Reasons Why Kombucha "Candy" is GOOD For You

With Halloween just around the corner and candy taking over aisles at the grocery store, we can’t help but feel the impending over consumption of candy creeping our way. But with the health perils of...

How to Bottle & Flavor Kombucha in 3 Easy Steps

A YEABUCHA Video Tutorial: Brewing kombucha is easy.  Bottling and flavoring kombucha is where you get to to have more fun! One of the best parts about home brewing kombucha is you get to pick how you want to flavor it.

How to Brew Kombucha in 3 Easy Steps

A YEABUCHA Video Tutorial: Home brewing kombucha is easier than you think! Check out our video with 3 easy steps to home brew kombucha.

Kombucha Soda - 3 Alternatives to Try

Let's be honest, as health conscious as you may be, sometimes the thought of a nice cold, fizzy soda sounds enticing. What you may ask is one to do if you are craving a sweet, bubbly drink, but don't want to sacrifice your health? We love drinking kombucha as an alternative to soda.