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What to do if your kombucha has brewed too long?

What to do with your kombucha if you let it brew too long by YEABUCHA

You planned on brewing kombucha, but life happened and you got off schedule. Maybe your brew went an extra day or two, or maybe it’s even been a few weeks? Here’s some great news for you - your kombucha doesn’t have to go to waste! There are a number of factors that play a role in the fermentation process that allow your kombucha some wiggle room when it comes to the length of F1. So, while Wednesday may be your go-to brew-and-botte-day, it will be okay if you don’t get around to bottling it until Friday or Saturday-or even longer! It’s true, home brewing kombucha is that low maintenance. Before we go any further, always remember the golden rule of fermentation: whether it’s been 6 extra days or 6 months, always set aside the top 2 cups of liquid from your kombucha plus the SCOBY to make your next batch. Now, check out our tips for what to do when your brew has gone too long:

  • Start with a taste test.  If it has been 3 weeks or less, stick a straw into your brew vessel and give it a try. If it’s slightly too tart, you can increase the sweetness by adding double the amount of fruit that you normally would use to flavor your kombucha. The naturally occurring sugar in your fruit will get to work and enhance the sweetness of your brew. While we personally prefer to use fruit when flavoring, you can add organic fruit juice or cane sugar to your F2 to really enhance the sweetness.

What to do with your kombucha brewed to long by YEABUCHA

  • Make a savory kombucha cooking vinegar and take your cooking to the next level! Kombucha vinegar is an easy way to add bold flavor and big nutrition to your cooking with minimal effort. Check out our simple 3 Step Guide to Making Kombucha Vinegar and check out some of our favorite recipes. 

Learn how to make a kombucha vinegar with kombucha that brewed too long by YEABUCHA


  • Try your hand at a delicious kombucha shrub for specialty cocktails. Put that extra strong booch to good use and spruce up your cocktail or mocktail with a delicious probiotic kick. Who needs simple syrup when you can use a fermented sweet & tart shrub to give your drink a seriously spectacular twist. Not only are you enhancing the flavor of your drink, but you’re also giving your gut some love! Check out our simple 3 Step Guide to Making Kombucha Shrubs and check out some of our favorite recipes. 

How to make a kombucha shrub with over brewed kombucha by YEABUCHA

  • Use that booch to refill your SCOBY Hotel. It’s always great to have extra SCOBYs and starter liquid on hand for experimental brews, sharing with friends, or expanding your own weekly brew set up. Your hotel should always be filled with good, strong kombucha to keep all those SCOBYs healthy. If you want to learn more about SCOBY Hotels and grab yours in the online store today.

Let your home brew kombucha brew too long? Don't throw it out, turn it into a YEABUCHA SCOBY hotel

  • Use that extra strong booch as a face toner. That’s right, strong kombucha is GREAT for your skin! If you love our Organic Kombucha Face Mask, then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can easily make your own toner to help reduce excess oil and acne. Strong kombucha acts as a mild astringent that balances pH and kills blemish-causing bacteria. Simply pour your unflavored, strong kombucha into a glass bottle and store alongside your other skincare products. Refrigeration not required, but feel free to keep it there during the hot summer months, it will be so refreshing!

How to make a kombucha face toner with your over brewed kombucha by YEABUCHA

  • Show your garden some love. Your indoor and outdoor plants will soak up and appreciate the vitamin & mineral rich tonic that is your extra strong kombucha. Simply dilute with water and pour over your plants as needed. Looking to REALLY step up your gardening game? Click here to read 3 Ways to Use Kombucha in Your Garden.

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    • The YEABUCHA Sisters on

      Hey Buchabuch, over brewed kombucha essentially becomes a jar of starter liquid or kombucha vinegar. There is no benefit to adding sweet tea to this. Proper fermentation will not occur because you do not have the proper ratios of starter liquid, sweet tea and water. You will continually end up with vinegary kombucha before the sugar has time to ferment making your beverage much higher in sugar and far less beneficial to the body. It sounds like you might be trying to use continuous brew methods on a small batch brew? If you are curious about our thoughts on the differences between the two, check out this blog

    • Buchabuch on

      Why not mix it with more sweet tea and let it get to the right state?

    • Begi on

      What to feed in our scoby hotel? I have 6 jars of overdue brew. Can I convert those as scoby hotels as the scoby getting thicker?
      One of my brews the mother scoby is sunk. Is it ok? But it produces new one on top? Many thanks

    • Begi on

      What to feed in our scoby hotel? I have 6 jars of overdue brew. Can I convert those as scoby hotels as the scoby getting thicker?

    • Star on

      Mine has been brewing a year I forgot about it lol it’s a all brown color. I took the older top part off I had a scoby hotel happening but peeled the top parts off they them out but the bottom lookss ok I dunno if I should keep feeding it..

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