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YEABUCHA Kombucha Green & Black Tea for home brew

Rebalance Your Brew

Home brewing kombucha is one of those things that can start out feeling complicated, but with the right tools and the YEABUCHA Method it will quick...
Kombucha Brew kit with everything you need to make kombucha at home from YEABUCHA

The BEST Kombucha Brew Kit - 3 Reasons to Choose YEABUCHA

Why us? Why not jump on Amazon and capitalize on that Prime Membership to get your jar and “grow - a - SCOBY” kit in 2 days? Take it from the experts (please!), that might not be the best idea!
What to do with your kombucha if you let it brew too long by YEABUCHA

What to do if your kombucha has brewed too long?

You planned on brewing kombucha, but life happened and you got off schedule. Maybe your brew went an extra day or two, or maybe it’s even been a f...
Why the YEABUCHA sister's don't suggest growing your own SCOBY for brewing kombucha by YEABUCHA Kombucha Kits

Should you grow your own SCOBY?

  When it comes to starting your kombucha home brew there a few essential things you need: a couple supplies, a really good set of instructions, a...
Sugar in Kombucha - 3 Things to Know

Sugar in Kombucha - 3 Things to Know

Kombucha is made from sweet tea, so at first glance one could easily assume it is a sugary beverage. However, further examination would reveal that sugar plays a critical role in the fermentation process that occurs as the sweet tea becomes kombucha.
YEABUCHA Sisters Blog on Kombucha fermentation

Kombucha Fermentation - 2 Types of Fermentation and 3 Combinations to Try

Small batch kombucha typically goes through 2 fermentation processes before you drink it. During this transformation, the sweet tea you begin with turns into fizzy kombucha with a myriad of health benefits for the mind, body, and gut. 
Yeast in Kombucha - 3 Things you Should Know

Yeast in Kombucha - 3 Things you Should Know

If you’re a kombucha brewer, you’ve definitely experienced yeast before. We get lots of questions about what that brown stringy stuff is that’s floating around your brew or growing along the bottom of your SCOBY.
How do I add more carbonation in my home-brew kombucha? Read the YEABUCHA sisters tip for adding more carbonation to your home-brew.

Carbonation in Your Kombucha - 3 Ways to Add More to Your Homebrew

Sometimes you might find your home brew lacking carbonation, but after plenty of exploded bottles, we promise home brew can be just as carbonated as store bought kombucha-maybe even more! If you’re looking to increase the carbonation of your home brew kombucha, check out 3 ways to boost those bubbles: 
Difference between batch brewing vs continuous brew kombucha by YEABUCHA.  Founder Brooke holding two SCOBYs from a batch brew and continuous brew jar.

Continuous Brewing Kombucha vs Batch Brewing - 3 Reasons Why We Prefer Batch Brewing!

When we first dove into the world of home brewing kombucha we discovered there are two different methods: Batch Brewing (BB) and Continuous Brewing (CB). We quickly found our groove with batch brewing kombucha rather than the continuous brewing method. Before we get into WHY we love batch brews over continuous, we’ll explain the difference.
YEABUCHA Sisters Brooke & Brittany's video tutorial showing the quick & easy step by step process of how to flavor & bottle your home brew kombucha! Order your DIY Home Brew Kombucha Kits from

How to Bottle & Flavor Kombucha in 3 Easy Steps - YEABUCHA Video Tutorial

Brewing kombucha is easy.  Bottling and flavoring kombucha is where you get to to have more fun.  One of the best parts about home brewing kombucha is you get to pick how you want to flavor it.
YEABUCHA Sisters Brittany & Brooke demonstrate the easy step by step process of home brewing Kombucha. Order your DIY kit at

How to Brew Kombucha in 3 Easy Steps - YEABUCHA Video Tutorial

Home brewing kombucha is easier than you think! Check out our video with 3 easy steps to home brew kombucha.
How to Take  a Break From Brewing Kombucha

Stop & Start Brewing Kombucha - 3 Things to Do if you Need to Take a Break from Brewing Kombucha

We get it, sometimes life just gets too busy and you can’t find the time for even your favorite hobby! The good news is kombucha is a hearty culture that is far more resilient than other live cultures (like kefirs which are super delicate).