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Kombucha Myths

In the last several years, Kombucha has gained significant popularity. And with anything that is cast into the spotlight, there are lots of rumors surrounding it. This is especially true when it comes to home...

Sugar Substitutes for Kombucha Brewing

The sugar content of kombucha is one of the most FAQ and common concerns we get about drinking kombucha. When reading that the standard kombucha recipe calls for one cup of sugar per gallon, many...

The Tea Story

Tea is one of the most important ingredients in home brewed kombucha, second only to the quality of your SCOBY. The type of tea can dramatically impact the growth of your SCOBY and the taste of your brew, and over time flavored tea can negatively impact the health of your brew. When we first started YEABUCHA, we knew that finding the right tea for our brew kits was a priority.

Rebalance Your Brew

One of the many great things about kombucha is that it is a very resilient ferment. SCOBYs have an incredible ability to adapt and find balance within each brew. As you fine tune your brewing method and find your optimal flavor profile, you will quickly notice if something is not quite right with your brew. Pay attention to signals your brew might be giving you.

The BEST Kombucha Brew Kit - 3 Reasons to Choose YEABUCHA

Why us? Why not jump on Amazon and capitalize on that Prime Membership to get your jar and “grow - a - SCOBY” kit in 2 days? Take it from the experts (please!), that might not be the best idea!

What to do if your kombucha has brewed too long?

You planned on brewing kombucha, but life happened and you got off schedule. Maybe your brew went an extra day or two, or maybe it’s even been a few weeks? Here’s some great news for you - your kombucha doesn’t have to go to waste!

Sugar in Kombucha - 3 Things to Know

Kombucha is made from sweet tea, so at first glance one could easily assume it is a sugary beverage. However, further examination would reveal that sugar plays a critical role in the fermentation process that occurs as the sweet tea becomes kombucha.

Kombucha Fermentation

2 Types of Fermentation & 3 Combinations to Try! Small batch kombucha typically goes through 2 fermentation processes before you drink it. During this transformation, the sweet tea you begin with turns into fizzy kombucha with a myriad of health benefits for the mind, body, and gut. 

3 Ways to Boost Carbonation in Homebrew Kombucha

Sometimes you might find your home brew lacking carbonation, but after plenty of exploded bottles, we promise home brew can be just as carbonated as store bought kombucha-maybe even more! If you’re looking to increase the carbonation of your home brew kombucha, check out 3 ways to boost those bubbles