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Deluxe Kombucha Home Brew Kit


Our Deluxe Kombucha Home Brew Kit is the easiest way to start brewing your own kombucha. This thoughtfully curated kit has everything you need including:

  • The YEABUCHA Method: 3 simple steps to brew + flavor kombucha
  • Access to our exclusive online brewing support community
  • Full size SCOBY + starter liquid
  • 1 gallon brew jar + thermometer
  • 3 month supply of organic black tea
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Mesh tea ball
  • Stainless steel funnel 
  • Stainless steel beverage strainer
  • Stylish cloth cover + band
  • Glass marker 
  • Choice of (3) 32oz or (6) 16oz glass bottles for flavoring


 *disclaimer: This product does not contain any alcohol. This is not the sale of alcoholic beverage brewing materials*