Kombucha Vinegar

Kombucha vinegar is an easy way to add bold flavor and big nutrition to your cooking with little effort. Infusing over brewed kombucha with herbs and spices will leave you with a savory vinegar that will take your cooking to the next level without adding extra sodium or spices that have fillers, preservatives or additives. The acid content of vinegar is especially beneficial when it comes to enhancing flavor. A splash of this probiotic rich vinegar can add delicious depth of flavor to dressings, marinades and broths. Kombucha vinegar also aides in digestion because of the probiotics and acids that naturally occur in kombucha.

Shrubs and drinking vinegars have been around for centuries, turning up in written accounts all over the world from Great Britain to China and here in the U.S. Even earlier in history, we can read in the Old Testament about Ruth serving a vinegar-based drink while working in the field of Boaz. Shrubs and drinking vinegars have withstood the test of time because of their convenient preparation and complex taste. They add a kick and a punch to your favorite cocktail or recipe, and who couldn’t use an extra dose of probiotics in their life?!

3 simple steps to make kombucha vinegar:

  1. Use kombucha that has been in F1 for 2 or more weeks.
  2. Line the bottom of a glass vessel with assorted herbs of your choosing.
  3. Fill the glass vessel with your kombucha and seal tightly. Leave it out of the fridge for a minimum of 4 weeks (or as long as you’d like)! The kombucha will continue to take on the flavor of your herbs and spices as long as it is out of the fridge.

Now, give it a taste! If it’s to your liking strain out the herbs and start cooking with it right away. No need to refrigerate your vinegar. Check out our favorite Kombucha Vinegar Recipes here.