Our Story

Known by our parents as the 3B’s from Boston, YEABUCHA was an accidental business that stemmed from Brooke’s love for home brewing kombucha and a longtime dream of going into business with her sisters Briana and Brittany.  

In the spring of 2017 we experienced the greatest loss of our lives when our dad passed away.  He was 65 years young and undeniably illness took him too soon. Unfortunately this reality is all too common in society today. This inspired us to seek out healthy habits that could easily be incorporated into our busy lives.

We began brewing Kombucha at home to save money on this delicious beverage and we quickly discovered the many ways it supports optimum health through the gut.  Our home brew kits empower people to feed their gut healthy bacteria, detox their liver from harmful toxins and improve mental clarity from the comfort and convenience of home.

We can all make self care a priority. Kombucha is more than just a luxury health beverage. It is is filled with healthy acids, enzymes and vitamins and when consumed daily it promotes balance in your body and mind. Healthy choices are within our reach. Healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and healthy doesn’t have to be hard. You can Ferment Yourself.