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Meet the YEABUCHA Sisters



We’ve dreamed of having a sister-business ever since we were kids and our parents called us the 3 B’s from Boston. YEABUCHA is our passion project that came out of the trauma and grief of losing our dad to cancer suddenly in 2017. As a dentist, our dad loved to help people look and feel their best. We hope to honor his legacy by helping others bring more health and wellness into their homes and families. Healing from this loss led us on a journey to find simple ways to live healthier lives. 

During a season of living out of the country, Brooke was inspired to learn how to brew kombucha when it wasn’t easily available at the market. She quickly realized it was so much tastier than what she had been buying and it was actually inexpensive to make. Naturally, she had to share this amazing new hobby with Briana and Brittany. 

Talking about our kombucha and sharing our experiences became something we could do *together* while living in different states. We shared tips and tricks,  discovered our favorite fruit combos to flavor our brew, and told everyone who would listen how amazing home brewing kombucha was. Our sister-hobby grew into our dream business as we began to teach our friends and family how to home brew kombucha, and just like that, YEABUCHA was born. We used our combined knowledge and experience of home brewing kombucha to simplify the process and create the YEABUCHA Method along with custom home brew kits. We worked to be an accessible resource for all people wanting to home brew without the hassle or guesswork. YEABUCHA is here to help you ferment yourself-- for the new folks as well as seasoned brewers who are looking to simplify the process and have their specific brew questions answered. We’ve got you covered at YEABUCHA, so you can safely brew delicious kombucha at home.