YEABUCHA Essential Kombucha Home Brew kit - everything you need to DIY brew kombucha. Includes 1 gallon brew jar, bottle brush, thermometer, organic sugar, reusable tea bag, easy step by step brew guide, strainer, funnel, cloth cover, rubber band, marker, and sustainably sourced, loose leaf organic black tea.

Essential Kombucha Homebrew Kit


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Ready, set, brew! The essentials kit sets you up to brew your first batch home brewed Kombucha Tea, just add water. This kit includes a SCOBY + starter liquid, 1-gallon brew jar, 3 month supply of organic loose leaf tea, organic ingredients for your first batch, brewing tools, our 3 Step Brew Guide and access into our exclusive online brewers community.

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 *disclaimer: This product does not contain any alcohol. This is not the sale of alcoholic beverage brewing materials*