Watermelon Kombucha

Watermelon flavored kombucha recipe by YEABUCHA

Watermelon Kombucha is as good as it sounds.  The flavor is subtle and delicious on its own or paired with herbs such as

  • mint
  • basil 
  • tarragon
  • sage

When making this flavor we suggest playing around with a few different options.  Make a few bottles on their own, then mix in different herbs and see what you like best. 

1/2 slice of watermelon 

Add watermelon to the bottom of your glass bottle. Pour home brewed kombucha on top and fill all the way up to promote carbonation.  Store in a cool, dark place for 2-4 days depending on flavor preference. 

*Measurements are based on a 16 oz bottle.  Add of subtract the amount of fruit and herbs to create your ideal flavor. 

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