Tangelo Kombucha

YEABUCHA Kombucha Flavors F2 Tangelo RecipeTangelos are a citrus fruit hybrid using mandarins or tangerines + grapefruit. Often referred to as honeybells, these tart and tangy fruits are not only juicy and delicious on their own, but also when used in flavoring kombucha

YEABUCHA Kombucha Flavors F2 Tangelo RecipeAt first glance they might look like an orange, but upon further examination one can easily distinguish tangelos from the "nipple" or elongated neck they have. Like other citrus fruits, tangelos are high in vitamin C. They also have a considerable amount of vitamin A, calcium, potassium, magnesium & dietary fiber. As if these weren't enough reasons to start eating regularly, tangelos also contain flavanone, a specific type of flavonoid which helps minimize the rise of strokes and cardiovascular disease. 

1 whole tangelo makes 4-5 bottles of kombucha.

Peel skin of tangelo (skin on citrus can cause kombucha to taste sour so always remove). Slice fruit to create small rings, then separate individual pieces and drop into the bottom of glass bottles. 

YEABUCHA Kombucha Flavors F2 Tangelo Recipe

Pour fresh home brewed kombucha on top & secure with a tight lid. Store in a dark, closed cabinet for 2-4 days depending on taste. 

YEABUCHA Kombucha Home Made Flavors F2 Tangelo Recipe

*Measurements are based off a 16oz lass bottle. Have fun with your flavoring, there is no need to be exact. 

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