Fuzzy Peach Kombucha

Recipe for making peach kombucha at home by YEABUCHA

It feels like summer just thinking about peach kombucha! Peaches are quick, easy and delicious in home brew. Anytime you flavor kombucha, the taste will mimic that of the fruits and herbs.  For this reason we prefer juicy, sweet peaches for making kombucha. If you are in the mood for a mocktail, mix with a little orange juice and enjoy a fuzzy navel. Looking for something more savory? Try peach + thyme kombucha by adding 1 strand of fresh thyme leaves, removed from the stem.

Summer is the best time to buy peaches as they are in season and higher in nutritional value. If they aren't quite ripe but you are ready to bottle, stick them in a paper bag near a window with sunshine.  A few hours should do the trick! We do not recommend using canned peaches as they are typically packaged in heavy syrup with lots of extra sugar. 

1/4 peach cut into small pieces

Add the peach to the bottom of your bottle and pour home-brewed kombucha on top. Fill to the top and seal tightly to promote carbonation. Store in a dark, closed cabinet for 2-4 days. 

*Measurements are based off a 16oz lass bottle. Have fun with your flavoring, there is no need to be exact.

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  • Peach kombucha is also highly delicious with some ginger and mint added 😋

    Donna Blyth

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