Lemon Lavender & Honey Kombucha

Truthfully, we were surprised by how much we love this flavor combination! Sometimes we find lavender can be an overpowering flavor and have a perfume-y taste. But balanced with the tartness of lemon and the sweetness of honey, this combination is the perfect summer treat!
YEABUCHA F2 Flavor Recipe: Honey, Lemon & Lavender

Lemon, Lavender, Honey

Ingredients - used in flavoring 1 gallon of kombucha

Fresh or dried lavender

1 Lemon

Local Honey

Directions: Juice the lemon and remove seeds. Drop a small pinch of dried lavender or a small sprig of fresh lavender to your F2 bottles. Add a few drops of lemon juice (about 2 tsps for a 32 oz jar) and a pea sized drop of honey. 

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