Juicy Black Cherry Kombucha

How to make black cherry kombucha

Cherries and kombucha are a great pair! With their deep red color, black cherries are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only are they great for promoting healthy sleep, but they also reduce cramps and pain post exercise. 

Cherries can be muddled or chopped, but no matter what we always suggest fresh fruit and not canned. 

6-8 cherries, pitted and chopped

Fill bottom of glass bottle with cherries.  Pour home brewed kombucha on top and seal tightly.  Store bottles in a dark, closed cabinet for 2 - 4 days based on taste preference.  The longer you store bottles the more flavor will infuse and carbonation will form. 

*Measurements are based on a 16oz bottle. Increase or decrease the amount of fruit based on flavor preference. 

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