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Ginger Mint Kombucha

YEABUCHA kombucha recipe for ginger mint
  • 1/3 cup of ginger (one large root)
  • 4 - 6 mint leaves

Directions: Chop and peel the ginger into pieces that will fit into your 16 or 32 oz F2 bottles, and cut the mint into smaller pieces. Add the ginger + mint to each bottle and top with home brewed kombucha. Fill to the top and tightly seal bottles. Store in a dark cabinet for 1-4 days. Refrigerate and enjoy!

*Flavors 1 gallon of kombucha

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  • The YEABUCHA Sisters on

    Hi Katie, we use organic loose leaf black tea when brewing with the YEABUCHA method, but will use half green, half black from time to time. A full green tea can safely be used to brew kombucha, but we have found that black tea produces the most delicious tasting kombucha.

  • Katie on

    Is this better with kombucha brewed with black tea or green tea? Thanks for the recipe!

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