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Dragon Fruit Mint Kombucha

YEABUCHA Kombucha Flavors F2 Dragon Fruit & Mint Recipe


  • 1 dragon fruit (yellow or pink)*
  • 1 tbsp mint (fresh or dried)

YEABUCHA Kombucha Flavors F2 Dragon Fruit & Mint Recipe

Directions: Chop and peel dragon fruit and distribute evenly in your 16 or 32 oz bottles, sprinkle in mint and pour home brewed kombucha to the top. Tightly seal bottles and store in a dark cabinet for 1-4 days. Refrigerate and enjoy! 

*Flavors 1 gallon of kombucha

*Dragon Fruit can be found with red or yellow skin and some variations of the red skinned fruits have red flesh as well - any type works! 

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