Blueberry Mint Kombucha

YEABUCHA Kombucha F2 Flavor Pairings Blueberry Mint

Blueberry mint is a classic kombucha flavor, especially in summer when the berries are fresh & mint is overgrowing in your garden. Ingredients can be muddled or chopped, fresh or frozen. *Bonus with this flavor: fresh whole blueberries are delicious to eat after fermenting in your bottles. In our family the kids refer to it as kombucha candy.

1-2 tbsp blueberries

2 mint leaves

YEABUCHA Kombucha F2 Flavor Pairings Blueberry MintAdd ingredients to the bottom of your bottle & pour fresh home-brewed kombucha on top. Fill to the top and seal tightly to promote carbonation. Store in a dark, closed cabinet for 2-4 days.

* Measurements are based off a 16oz glass bottle. Have fun with your flavoring, there is no need to be exact. Increase or decrease ingredient measurements according to your personal preference. If you really like blueberry add more blueberries! 

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