Blood Orange & Bee Pollen Kombucha

Recipe for blood orange & bee pollen kombucha by YEABUCHA.

YEABUCHA F2 Flavor Recipes Blood Orange & Bee PollenIf you prefer your kombucha on the tart side, this is a combination you want to try! Blood orange & bee pollen kombucha is an immune boosting, antioxidant rich beverage that is great to drink especially during allergy and cold season. 

YEABUCHA F2 Flavor Recipes Blood Orange & Bee PollenHigh in Vitamin C, Blood oranges are a little less sweet than navel oranges, and while they have similar nutritional benefits, anthocyanin is the red pigment that gives blood oranges their name and adds a little extra nutrition. Bee pollen is a complete protein, abundant in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  Both ingredients are high in antioxidants which protect your body from free radicals.

1 blood orange can flavor 4-6 (16 oz) bottles.

1/8 tsp bee pollen per bottle

Peel the blood orange and add 2-3 pieces to the bottom of each bottle.  You do not want to leave skin on any citrus in F2 as it can make your kombucha taste sour. Add  bee pollen then pour fresh home-brewed kombucha on top. Seal bottles tightly and store in dark, closed cabinet for 2-4 days. 

* Measurements are based off a 16oz glass bottle. Have fun with your flavoring, there is no need to be exact. Increase or decrease ingredient measurements according to your personal preference. 


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