Apple Cinnamon Kombucha

Apple Cinnamon Kombucha recipe by YEABUCHA

Apple kombucha is a great flavor to introduce to kids, especially if they are apple juice drinkers! Depending on the amount of apple you use, the flavor can be just as sweet, with all the added benefits of kombucha

Remember kids and kombucha is a great pair, so don't be hesitant to introduce them to this delicious, bubbly, probiotic drink. By adding cinnamon in, you produce a delicious fall cider-like booch, the whole family will enjoy (while boosting the health benefits even more). 

1/4 apple

1/4 tsp Vietnamese cinnamon 

Add ingredients to the bottom of your glass bottle.  Pour home brewed kombucha on top and fill bottle up. Seal tightly with lid and store in a dark cabinet for 2-4 days depending on flavor preference. 

*Measurements are based on a 16oz glass bottle. Have fun with your flavors and add or subtract ingredients based on ideal taste. 

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