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Easy Home Brew Kombucha

Easy Home Brew Kombucha

100% of brewers agreed home brewing kombucha is easier than they thought it would be with our kit.

Our brewers also enjoy home brewing kombucha so much that its one of the best parts of the week. 

The average fermentation time for our brewers is 10 days (F1) plus 3-4 days for flavoring (F2). Brewers who favor sweeter kombucha do a 7 day F1 and brewers who prefer a tangier kombucha opt for 14 days. 

Our kits have been thoughtfully designed to provide everything you need to simplify the brewing process. The YEABUCHA Method makes it easy to brew and flavor delicious kombucha at home. Get your kit here

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  • The YEABUCHA Sisters on

    New SCOBYs will grow at the top of your brew. The mother (your original SCOBY) can float at the top, middle or even sink down to the bottom. Sometimes if the Mother SCOBY is floating at the top of your brew, the new SCOBY will grow attached to it. It’s important to remember that SCOBYs are living organisms and their growth will vary! And we typically recommend having no more than 5 SCOBYs in your brew at a time, as the more SCOBYs in your brew can produce a more vinegary taste! You can keep your older SCOBYs in a SCOBY Hotel for emergency use (aka if you end up with mold!) or there are so many different uses for them! For some of our most frequently asked SCOBY questions, check out our blog post “Is my SCOBY supposed to do that?” – it should give some additional insight if you are interested.

  • ZOE on

    Does the mother scoby grow from the bottom or the top? OR, what part does one remove when it gets too thick?

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