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Where the First Kombucha SCOBY Came From

No, it's not an alien; its a SCOBY - a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. The Mother, the life force behind the Kombucha Brew. Without it, we'd have no booch.

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Immunity

We’ve all been there - your nose is starting to run, there’s that slight tickle in the back of your throat, and... was that a cough?! What if you could boost your immune system with some daily love that kept runny noses and throat tickles at bay? 

Recovering Alcoholics & Drinking Kombucha

Before you start on your kombucha journey, we want to make sure you are equipped, educated and feel confident in brewing and drinking kombucha!

Kombucha Soda - 3 Alternatives to Try

Let's be honest, as health conscious as you may be, sometimes the thought of a nice cold, fizzy soda sounds enticing. What you may ask is one to do if you are craving a sweet, bubbly drink, but don't want to sacrifice your health? We love drinking kombucha as an alternative to soda.

3 Health Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

You better believe kombucha isn't JUST a delicious drink! The more we started drinking kombucha, the more our eyes were opened to its multitude of health benefits.