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YEABUCHA Sisters Brittany & Brooke demonstrate the easy step by step process of home brewing Kombucha. Order your DIY kit at

How to Brew Kombucha in 3 Easy Steps - YEABUCHA Video Tutorial

Home brewing kombucha is easier than you think! Check out our video with 3 easy steps to home brew kombucha.
Benefits of drinking kombucha as a nursing mom

Kombucha for Nursing Mothers - 3 Ways You Can Benefit

The good news is that nursing doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking your favorite  fizzy, sweet and tart kombucha. Even better is that it will actually HELP with easing the stress and fatigue of new motherhood.
Photo gallery of healthy kombucha SCOBYs

Kombucha Mold - 3 Things to do if You THINK Your Brew Has Mold

Think you’ve got some mold growing on your SCOBY? Take a deep breath, don’t panic. We’re here to help! 
Can you drink Kombucha during pregnancy

Kombucha During Pregnancy - 3 Ways Drinking Kombucha During Pregnancy Can Help a Mama Feel Better

For many pregnant women, drinking kombucha can be an excellent way to nourish your body. It can soothe the tummy and the mind, as well as give you a daily dose of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.
How to Take  a Break From Brewing Kombucha

Stop & Start Brewing Kombucha - 3 Things to Do if you Need to Take a Break from Brewing Kombucha

We get it, sometimes life just gets too busy and you can’t find the time for even your favorite hobby! The good news is kombucha is a hearty culture that is far more resilient than other live cultures (like kefirs which are super delicate).
How to use extra SCOBYs

Extra SCOBYS - 3 Things to do with Them

As you continue to brew your booch you’ll end up with a new SCOBY after each batch. Wondering what you’re supposed to do with all those extra SCOBYs?! Well here are a few ideas!
Black and green organic tea for kombucha

Tea for Kombucha Brewing: 3 Things to Consider

Since kombucha is made from just 3 ingredients: sugar, tea, and the SCOBY with starter liquid, it is both simple and important to source the highest quality ingredients.
Strawberry Kombucha, Blueberry Mint Kombucha, Lemon Ginger Kombucha

How to Brew Kombucha: 3 Things Every NEW Kombucha Brewer Should Know

You took the leap and now you’re up and running with your home brew.  While you saw first hand how easy it really was, we know you can’t help but have some questions.
SCOBYs can be added to potting soil before planting flowers.

Alternate Uses for Kombucha - 3 Ways to use Kombucha in Your Garden

The benefits of kombucha can be enjoyed by more than just you and your family. Plants greatly benefit as well!
How kombucha naturally reduces anxiety in the body.

3 Ways Drinking Kombucha Can Naturally Reduce Your Anxiety

Most of us have experienced anxiety at some point in our lives. Considering this crazy world we live in and the multitude of things vying for our time and attention, it's no wonder we are are often left feeling anxious. Reaching for a glass of kombucha may be exactly what your body needs to rebalance itself.
Store Bought Kombucha vs Homebrew - 3 Reasons Why Homebrew is Superior

Store Bought Kombucha vs Homebrew - 3 Reasons Why Homebrew is Superior

At the end of the day, we love kombucha, whether its store bought or home brewed, but take it from someone who has been drinking both for years - home brewed is INFINITELY better.
Why home-brew kombucha is better than store bought.

Home Brewing Kombucha - 3 Reasons Why Home Brew is the Best Way to Source Kombucha

Before brewing our own Kombucha, we spent years (and lots of hard earned cash) buying our weekly supply of kombucha from the grocery store.