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Continuous Brewing Kombucha vs Batch Brewing

3 Reasons Why We Prefer Batch Brewing! When we first dove into the world of home brewing kombucha we discovered there are two different methods: Batch Brewing (BB) and Continuous Brewing (CB). We quickly found our groove with batch brewing kombucha rather than the continuous brewing method.

How to Bottle & Flavor Kombucha in 3 Easy Steps

A YEABUCHA Video Tutorial: Brewing kombucha is easy.  Bottling and flavoring kombucha is where you get to to have more fun! One of the best parts about home brewing kombucha is you get to pick how you want to flavor it.

How to Brew Kombucha in 3 Easy Steps

A YEABUCHA Video Tutorial: Home brewing kombucha is easier than you think! Check out our video with 3 easy steps to home brew kombucha.

Stop & Start Brewing Kombucha

3 Things to Do if you Need to Take a Break from Brewing Kombucha: We get it, sometimes life just gets too busy and you can’t find the time for even your favorite hobby! The good news is kombucha is a hearty culture!

Tea for Kombucha Brewing: 3 Things to Consider

Since kombucha is made from just 3 ingredients: sugar, tea, and the SCOBY with starter liquid, it is both simple and important to source the highest quality ingredients!

3 Things Every NEW Kombucha Brewer Should Know

You took the leap and now you’re up and running with your home brew.  While you saw first hand how easy it really was, we know you can’t help but have some questions.

Store Bought Kombucha vs Homebrew

3 Reasons Why Homebrew is Superior: At the end of the day, we love kombucha, whether its store bought or home brewed, but take it from someone who has been drinking both for years - home brewed is INFINITELY better.

3 Reasons Why Homebrew is the Best Source of Kombucha

Before brewing our own Kombucha, we spent years (and lots of hard earned cash) buying our weekly supply of kombucha from the grocery store.

3 Things That Happen During the Brewing Process

If you’re wondering what happens during those mysterious 7 to 10 days you’ve left your SCOBY alone, let us help demystify the brewing process of kombucha!