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How to Brew Kombucha in 3 Easy Steps

YEABUCHA Sisters Brittany & Brooke demonstrate the easy step by step process of home brewing Kombucha. Order your DIY kit at

Brewing kombucha at home is not only fun, but easier than you might think. Kombucha is a fermented beverage that requires just about 20 minutes of hands on time every 7-10 days.  Not only is it delicious but it is full of health benefits.  Check out our video for directions to see how easy it is to home brew kombucha in our 3 easy steps!

Ready to give it a try? Our home brew kits include everything you need to make delicious, all organic kombucha. Click here to order you kit today!

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  • Kathleen Lewis on

    I have many that have grown from one my cousin gave me . But I would like to make it less tart but not sure if I’m doing it right

  • YEABUCHA Sisters on

    Hi Melody,
    Are you brewing with a YEABUCHA kit? The temperature strip should worked on all our brew jars. The good news is the tea has a wide temperature range for when you can add the SCOBY & starter into your brew (between 62 – 86*). On day 6 did you notice a new SCOBY growing on the top of your brew? Each week you brew a new SCOBY should grow on the top as part of the fermentation process.

  • Melody OSBURN on

    Help.. My first attempt I am not sure was a success or fail YET. today is day 6, but my temperature sticker didn’t show anything when I first brewed the tea before I put in my scoby. So I am a little worried. I did my best to measure the temp with a meat thermometer…
    any advice for a first time tea maker?

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