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3 Ways to Transform Your Morning

3 Ways to Transform Your Morning

Maybe you are one of those morning people who loves those quiet, early hours, who hops out of bed at the sound of the first alarm... or maybe you’re more like us and somehow, after all these years, still haven’t mastered the art of waking up. Either way, we could all use a little boost to our morning routine!

Start off with gratitude. - Begin each morning with a moment of thanks for a new day. Leave the mistakes and mishaps of yesterday behind you, and start off by appreciating the blank canvas that lies ahead of you! Taking the time to begin your day with a prayer or intentional thought will help set the tone for the rest of your day and help keep yourself centered.

Get that body moving! - No, we don’t mean a 5am run (we’re not crazy, but if that’s you...get it). Try some simple stretches, just for a few moments, or do a simple sun salutation— there is a reason why babies do it; we should too!

Drink some kombucha. - Drinking a glass of kombucha first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will allow you to fully experience how kombucha improves your moods and invigorates your body. Swapping out your morning cup of coffee for kombucha can help prevent that 2pm crash of energy and those jitters that caffeine and sugar often leave us with. The L-theanine found in the tea that is used to make kombucha will leave you feeling focused with calm energy. Its important to learn how kombucha can affect your body and mood!

Ready to start off your days full of energy and excited to tackle the day with kombucha, but don't like the hefty price tag that comes with store bought bucha? Grab one of our Homebrew Kits to get set up with everything you need to brew and access to our exclusive online brewer community. 

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