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3 Ways to Recenter Yourself

3 Ways to Recenter Yourself

Starting to feel a little bit off? Overwhelmed? We’ve all been there, and you’re NOT alone! We are the type of people who are doing a lot and living full lives, and if we don’t live intentionally, we can lose sight of our goals. So before we go further, let’s remember to have some grace with ourselves and give our bodies some well-deserved rest. Here’s what’s helped us when we aren’t quite feeling ourselves.

Drink kombucha. Incorporating this beverage into your routine means loading up on vitamins B1, B6 and B12. These wonder vitamins help us naturally decreases stress and increases feelings of overall well being and positivity. When you’re body is functioning properly inside, it leaves more room for you to focus on all that you’re making happening on the outside!

YEABUCHA Sisters Drinking Kombucha

Get some fresh air. Give yourself a break from people, technology and external stressors. Even if it’s just for five minutes, get outdoors and take a few breaths (and maybe drink more kombucha outside for the ultimate chill sesh).

Take a look at your heart​ ​- Identify one thing that is causing you stress and/or anxiety. What is one practical way you can eliminate or lessen its negative impact on you? Make space in your day and focus on something that brings you joy or peace to help. Never forget that you have the power to take hold of your thoughts and use them for good.

Who knows, maybe home brewing kombucha can be an easy hobby that helps lift your spirits?! For us, drinking this tasty beverage gets our creative juices flowing, puts an instant smile on our face and actually helps to heal our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Click here to get started with your YEABUCHA Home Brew Kit, and bring on the good vibes!

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