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3 Ways SCOBYs Can Help Your Body During Pregnancy

3 Ways SCOBYs Can Help Your Body During Pregnancy

For the mama’s who love kombucha, most will continue to drink it during pregnancy (always make sure to follow with a large glass of water). There is no reason to stop drinking it unless you develop an aversion to it. Simply put, you do not want to force it if your body does not want it. While drinking kombucha often helps pregnant women feel better, homebrewers get the added bonus of using SCOBYs from your hotel for a wide range of natural remedies.

There are a few different ways you can use your extra SCOBYs to help with some of those less-than-desirable changes that come along with pregnancy. Whether or not you still enjoy drinking it, here are 3 ways SCOBYs can help heal skin irritations that may occur during pregnancy:

  1. Stretch Marks: Your body must stretch to make room for the growing baby, and your SCOBY can help with those stretch marks! To help minimize scars, apply a SCOBY directly to the skin in areas where you are prone to/or notice stretch marks, and leave on for 5-20 minutes. Doing this 2-3 times per week will help lessen the appearance of the stretch marks.
  2. Hemorrhoids: Increased blood flow, constipation and an ever growing uterus leave many mamas super uncomfortable. Topically applied SCOBY and/or kombucha can help relieve inflammation. We suggest cutting up a small piece of the SCOBY or soaking a cloth in kombucha..
  3. Skin Changes: Some mamas develop skin irritations during pregnancy. Making a paste of SCOBY, coconut oil and essential oils can provide soothing relief when topically applied to the irritated skin.

Check out one of our previous quick read on for more details on SCOBYs and Skin Care, and even our SCOBY face mask (that can be used all over the body!)

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