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3 Ways Kombucha Can Help a Pregnant Mama Feel Better

Can you drink Kombucha during pregnancy

For many pregnant women, drinking kombucha can be an excellent way to nourish your body. It can soothe the tummy and the mind, as well as give you a daily dose of bioavailable vitamins and minerals. For a non kombucha drinker, pregnancy may not be the best time to introduce it into your diet, especially if you have strong aversions. That being said, for regular bucha drinkers, pregnancy is no reason to stop drinking it as long as it still appeals to you! This is a time when you should “trust your gut” and drink it only if it tastes delicious and settles without an issue. Don’t force it down. You won’t be pregnant forever, and you will get your taste back for kombucha in no time. In fact, kombucha can help nursing mothers after pregnancy too! But for now, try drinking a couple of ounces at a time, followed by a glass of water. See how your body responds and proceed accordingly.

Drinking YEABUCHA Kombucha while pregnantWe believe pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful and miraculous experience, but for many women it doesn’t come without its fair share of unpleasant side effects. Drinking kombucha is an excellent way to hydrate the body. It is also a well known panacea for many digestive issues that are brought on during pregnancy.  If your pregnancy is causing the following issues, drinking kombucha may offer some relief: Heartburn, Constipation, & Indigestion  

We've also noticed that drinking kombucha during pregnancy has helped manage anxiety! Cheers to a happy, healthy pregnancy! And don't forget kids and kombucha make a great pair. 

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