Extra SCOBYS - 3 Things to do with Them

Every week you're brewing kombucha, you will have a new SCOBY grow.  Some weeks they will be thin and other weeks they might be really thick. Your home brew is a living culture and will vary week to week, just like most living things. They generally grow directly on top of each other. The cellulose may stick together making it look like one giant SCOBY, but you can easily separate each layer gently with your fingers or a knife. 

You may notice that the bottom SCOBY will become darker over time (this is staining from the tea) and may become stringy. At that point you may be tempted to toss them. If you compost, we say go right ahead and add them in. If not, there are still many ways you can use those extra SCOBYs. 

If you're loving your kombucha (and let's be honest, who isn't!?) this is a perfect opportunity to get a second brew going so there is enough booch to go around. Luckily we have our "I Need More Booch" Kit, that is equipped with all the basics to get a second batch going so you and your family can stop fighting over your precious bottles of booch.

In addition to brewing more, here are a few ideas of things to do with extra SCOBYs:

What to do with extra kombucha SCOBYs.
Feed them to your plants.  Many plants benefit from soil that has an acidic pH. Hearty soil will help your plants flourish and grow. Enrich the soil of your plants by chopping or pureeing a SCOBY and adding it to the soil. We have seen serious growth in our indoor and outdoor plants. Click here for 3 way to use kombucha in your garden.


SCOBY & Starter liquid for brewing kombucha at homeShare with Family + Friends. If you are anything like us, you love telling anyone who will listen about your homebrew kombucha. Maybe its time to share a SCOBY with family and friends who are interested in adding kombucha to their wellness routine. Set them up with the Everything but the SCOBY Home brew kit from our shop. All you've got to do is share one of your extra SCOBYs and two cups of starter liquid grown by you! Successful brewing depends on having the right supplies, recipe, and a good support system. We will make sure they have everything they need plus access to our exclusive brewing community. We love having friends and family who brew with you is fun, for sharing tips and flavor ideas. 

How to make a SCOBY Hotel for kombucha. What is a SCOBY Hotel? What do I do with extra SCOBYS?Open up a SCOBY hotel. This is just the term the kombucha brewing community uses to describe a safe place to keep extra SCOBYs. This provides you with a backup supply for a lifetime of kombucha OR allows you share with a friend who is ready to get brewing!! SCOBYs are strong and can handle being left unattended to for extended periods of time as long as they have enough liquid to keep them submerged. Click here to order your SCOBY Hotel Kit today. 



  • Hi Nancy,
    You should feed your SCOBY Hotel fresh sweet tea every 4-6 months or when your liquid levels are low. Since the liquid in your hotel jar sits longer than a batch of fresh brewed kombucha, you can use the hotel liquid as a strong starter for brewing kombucha. We recommend 2 cups of starter liquid per gallon brew.

    YEABUCHA Sisters
  • How do or what do you do to feed the hotel add what to it after you take out what you need to start your next batch?


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