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3 Things That Happen During the Brewing Process

3 Things That Happen During the Brewing Process

If you’re wondering what happens during those mysterious 7 to 10 days you’ve left your SCOBY alone, let us help demystify the brewing process of kombucha! Here are 3 (magical) things that happen while you’re brewing.

What happens when you brew kombucha? Respiration is the first process to occur in your home brew, and begins when the SCOBY and starter liquid are added to your new sweet tea brew. This phase is an aerobic process, which means it still requires oxygen. Luckily during this early stage, oxygen is easily available. This helps yeast convert sugar into carbon dioxide and water.



What it looks like to grow a new SCOBY in kombucha.Cellulose growth (a new SCOBY grows) happens when the bacteria (from your original SCOBY & starter (liquid) then feeds on the sugar,  and the yeast begins to break down. The bacteria uses the sugar to spin nanofibers of cellulose that create the new layer of growth on the top of the brew (Baby SCOBY), forming a seal and stopping the flow of oxygen.

How do you brew kombucha?



Fermentation is the final process that occurs in your brew, and it happens when yeast breaks down the sugar into carbon dioxide and ethanol. The bacteria then uses the carbon dioxide and alcohol to synthesize the acids giving kombucha its vast health benefits and unique sweet-tart flavor. Check out how you can customize your flavor in the fermentation process!



These three processes need about 7-10 days to occur, so order your YEABUCHA Home Brew Kit today and get ready to enjoy your home brew in about 7-10 days (plus a few days for shipping)!

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