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Recovering Alcoholics & Drinking Kombucha

YEABUCHA Blog: Can Recovering Alcoholics Drink Kombucha?

Before you start on your kombucha journey, we want to make sure you are equipped, educated and feel confident in brewing and drinking kombucha! 

YEABUCHA Kombucha Blog for Recovering AlcoholicsThe trace amounts of alcohol found in Kombucha  are considered healthy and do not cause inebriation. Unlike hard liquor, kombucha helps support healthy liver function and assists the liver in the detoxification process by making fat soluble toxins become water soluble. This allows them to be easily flushed out of the body via urine.

Kombucha is safe for alcoholics to drinkIndividuals who have stopped consuming liquor have reported that drinking Kombucha helps reduce alcohol cravings and helps encourage relaxation. While drinking Kombucha has not been reported to have any negative effects on recovery, alcohol consumption is a personal issue and if you do not feel comfortable consuming trace levels of alcohol we recommend you do not drink Kombucha.

Recovering Alcoholics & Home Brew Kombucha, YEABUCHA BlogA recent study found recovering alcoholics with higher gut bacteria diversity were more successful at staying sober. There is a strong gut-brain connection and drinking Kombucha strengthens that connection by increasing the amount of healthy gut bacteria.

At the end of the day, kombucha is a personal journey towards health and it is up to you for what you find to be best for your own body and heart! Kombucha can also be a fantastic alternative to drinking soda, it is free of artificial sugars and is naturally flavored! If you’re interested in starting your Kombucha journey order your YEABUCHA Home Brew Kit Click Here!

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