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3 Sources of SCOBY’s

kombucha scoby in a bowl with starter liquid

The round, white disc that is usually floating at the top of a kombucha home brew vessel is called a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast or SCOBY for short. A healthy SCOBY will set you up for a lifetime of home brew kombucha that is delicious and beneficial. This smooth cellulose culture is made by the bacteria during fermentation and will grow a new layer each week in small batch home brew. Some layers are thick and perfectly smooth, sometimes they are thin and transparent, and other times they grow in splotches or have small pockets of yeast. (Check out some healthy SCOBYs below!) They are always fascinating to look at and touch! The only thing more mysterious than what a SCOBY actually is-- is where do they come from?

YEABUCHA Kombucha Healthy SCOBYs

Home brew kombucha is made with just three ingredients, so the source of these ingredients is key. Organic cane sugar and organic, fair trade tea can be pretty easy to find. It is the source of your SCOBY that will affect the success of the outcome of your home brew. Here are the 3 most common sources of SCOBY.

The Solid & Reliable Culture that you ordered from a trusted source that is actively brewing kombucha and sharing cultures (like us!) You’ll find these SCOBYs are full size- at least 5 inches wide.  For optimal fermentation you want the diameter of your brew vessel and SCOBY to be similar. The SCOBY should stored in ample starter liquid (at least 1 cup) that is fresh and strong. A good starter liquid will be filled with the good bacteria and yeast needed for fermentation and SCOBY growth. 

How to get a kombucha SCOBY from a friendThe Shared Culture that you get from your friend, the home brewer enthusiast. The mother SCOBY came from a solid & reliable culture and with the right brewing tools and instructions you can make a good quality kombucha brew. We love it when our community grows because our brewers are sharing their SCOBYs! When you  brew and drink kombucha regularly, its hard to keep the benefits to yourself. Kombucha naturally encourages us to share this gift of improved health and wellness. 

The Sketchy SCOBY has been dehydrated, refrigerated, altered in size and basically robbed of all its superpowers and delightful flavor. Stay away from this guy - chances are it won’t give you a proper brew! SCOBYs are living and need to stay warm and hydrated just like you and I do! 

When you order a YEABUCHA Home Brew Kit you have the confidence that you will be getting The Solid & Reliable Culture that will give you a strong, powerful brew every time. We use the highest quality ingredients and grow our SCOBYs in a warm, loving environment. We keep them safe and happy in our SCOBY hotels until they are ready to ship. Order now and start brewing your own Kombucha.

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  • Tracy on

    Received my brew kit for Valentine’s day gift! It is doing great we named it Scoby Wan Kenobi! Got my second fermentation going, and a second batch a brewing! Super excited thank you for making it so easy!

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