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3 Reasons Why Homebrew is the Best Source of Kombucha

Why home-brew kombucha is better than store bought.

Before brewing our own kombucha, we spent years (and lots of hard earned cash) buying our weekly supply of kombucha from the grocery store. This is where our love affair with kombucha was born, but in the last year, we’ve taken that next step in our relationship with kombucha and we’re never looking back!

Why brewing kombucha is better than buying it at the store. You have complete control over the brewing environment. A YEABUCHA Home Brew Kit will give you everything you need to get up and brewing— just add water! Preparing kombucha is a simple, hands on process, but the extremely intricate processes occur between the bacteria and yeast during the fermentation of the tea. The quality of the environment directly affects the strength and vitality of the SCOBY and the kombucha brew.

Why home brewing kombucha is better than buying store bought. You save a LOT of money. The key to truly maximizing the benefits of kombucha is to drink it regularly. This can get expensive when you drop $3-5 per bottle each day— drinking half first thing in the morning to set your body up to use the food you put into it at maximum bioavailability. The second half is consumed in the evening to help in relaxation, letting go of stress, and detoxification from free radicals and toxins from the day. When you brew at home with a YEABUCHA Home Brew Kit you have minimal costs to keep your kombucha brew going indefinitely. For less than or equal to the cost of a single bottle of commercial kombucha you can brew and flavor ONE GALLON of organic Kombucha.

Why home-brew kombucha is better than store bought. Superior quality, controlled by YOU. The taste of home brewed kombucha that is naturally flavored with organic fruit is far superior to commercial brews. Additionally, they can be completely customized to your flavor profile. At YEABUCHA we provide you with seasonal brewing tips and encourage you experiment with fruit, herb and spice combinations that are pleasing to your palate, making it a great healthy alternative to soda! You can also add herbs and spices based on their medicinal value as kombucha becomes a supertonic when paired with certain healing agents. This natural healing can occur because kombucha makes the nutrients immediately available throughout the whole body and is not limited to a particular system or region of the body.

Aren’t you ready now to get started with your own YEABUCHA Home Brew Kit? 

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