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Store Bought Kombucha vs Homebrew

YEABUCHA Home Brew Kombucha

 At the end of the day, we love kombucha, whether its store bought or home brewed, but take it from someone who has been drinking both for years - home brewed is INFINITELY better.

Home-brew kombucha tastes better than store bought. Quality Ingredients & Flavor -  We oversee the production, packaging and shipment of every kit we send, and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, organic ingredients that appeal to your taste buds. All our SCOBYs are fresh and NEVER frozen. Why settle for someone else’s flavor preferences when you can customize your own? Why drink added sugar (the enemy of a healthy gut) and lower quality fruit  (commercial brews usually use dried fruit) instead of the natural sugars from fresh or frozen fruits?

How to home-brew kombucha teaOptimal Nutritional Value & (more!) Flavor - When we drink home brewed kombucha, we know we are consuming this tonic when both its flavor and nutritional value are at their peak. When you purchase kombucha from the store you don’t know how much time has passed since the second fermentation. You don’t know what type of environment and temperatures the kombucha has been exposed to from bottling to shipping to store delivery and FINALLY consumption. With home brew, you control the process and get a fresh batch every 7 - 10 days!

Save that Hard Earned Money! -  If the benefits of optimal potency and flavor weren’t enough, the cost savings alone of homebrewing should have you clicking to order your YEABUCHA Home Brew Kit already. For equal to or less than the price of a single bottle of commercial kombucha, you can brew and flavor ONE GALLON of home brew kombucha. The kit will pay for itself in about two weeks! Meanwhile, you will be well on your way to a lifetime of healthier gut bacteria, improved mood, reduced stress and anxiety and increased detoxification from harmful toxins. 

While we think it’s safe to assume that kombucha brewed at home with organic ingredients, love and care will create a more powerful tonic than a commercially produced brew, we have a deep appreciation for some commercially brewed kombucha when we are traveling or on the go. Are you ready to order your YEABUCHA home brew kit today? 

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