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3 Effects Drinking Kombucha Can Have on the Female Cycle

YEABUCHA Home Brew Kombucha Kits produce delicious kombucha that is rich in vitamins and minerals that stabilizing affects for the menstrual cycle.

Believe it or not, drinking kombucha can have an effect on the female cycle. Our bodies are exposed to harmful toxins and hormone disruptors every day, and as hard as we try to avoid them,  these chemicals can still negatively impact our bodies. When our systems get thrown off balance by external stressors (air pollution, pesticides in our food, chemicals in skin care products, etc) our internal systems don’t function properly, especially the menstrual cycle. Women may experience menstrual, digestive or emotional side effects due to the disruption of our hormonal cycles and over all body chemistry.

Thankfully, drinking kombucha has shown to have many great benefits for women, and can help ease these symptoms by rebalancing the body. Here are 3 effects drinking kombucha can have on your cycle:

  1. Restores balance to hormones and digestive systems with a healthy dose of probiotics
  2. Detoxes harmful bacteria, yeast and toxins and helps promote optimal reproductive health
  3. Boosts your mood with a flood of happy and energizing B vitamins

Kombucha effects the female cycle

Wellness in the body starts with a healthy gut and properly functioning internal systems. With the way kombucha effects us, it's no surprise kombucha can also help pregnant women and nursing mama's too. Our favorite (and definitely the easiest) way to keep our guts healthy is by loading up on probiotic rich food & drink...perhaps a glass of home brewed kombucha? 

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  • The YEABUCHA Sisters on

    Hi Michelle – Glad to hear you are making your own kombucha! However, we aren’t doctors and can’t comment on your question regarding your cycle. We are only speaking from personal experience in this blog post. We’d definitely encourage you to seek the advice of your medical professional on this one. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

  • Michelle on

    I have turned 50 this year in July. I have not had a period for three months then started a light cycle in October I then had a heavier flow in November that lasted two weeks. My cycle then started to align with my 17 year old and I started my cycle again at the beginning of December. It’s light but still there. No sore boobs or headaches though. I’ve been starting to make my own Kombutcha since October. Do you think the Kombucha bought back my menstral cycle!?

  • The YEABUCHA Sisters on

    Hi Jennifer, in our experience, drinking kombucha has only had positive effects on the female menstrual cycle.

  • jennifer on

    hi.. kombucha drink will effect or delay menstrual cycle

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