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3 Effects Drinking Kombucha Can Have on the Female Cycle

YEABUCHA Home Brew Kombucha Kits produce delicious kombucha that is rich in vitamins and minerals that stabilizing affects for the menstrual cycle.

Believe it or not, drinking kombucha can have an effect on the female cycle. Our bodies are exposed to harmful toxins and hormone disruptors every day, and as hard as we try to avoid them,  these chemicals can still negatively impact our bodies. When our systems get thrown off balance by external stressors (air pollution, pesticides in our food, chemicals in skin care products, etc) our internal systems don’t function properly, especially the menstrual cycle. Women may experience menstrual, digestive or emotional side effects due to the disruption of our hormonal cycles and over all body chemistry.

Thankfully, drinking kombucha has shown to have many great benefits for women, and can help ease these symptoms by rebalancing the body. Here are 3 effects drinking kombucha can have on your cycle:

  1. Restores balance to hormones and digestive systems with a healthy dose of probiotics
  2. Detoxes harmful bacteria, yeast and toxins and helps promote optimal reproductive health
  3. Boosts your mood with a flood of happy and energizing B vitamins

Kombucha effects the female cycle

Wellness in the body starts with a healthy gut and properly functioning internal systems. With the way kombucha effects us, it's no surprise kombucha can also help pregnant women and nursing mama's too. Our favorite (and definitely the easiest) way to keep our guts healthy is by loading up on probiotic rich food & drink...perhaps a glass of home brewed kombucha? 

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  • The YEABUCHA Sisters on

    Hi Kyla! Cold or room temp kombucha should be just fine to drink!

  • Kyla on

    Does it matter if I️ drink cold kombucha on my menstrual cycle? Or is Kombucha of any temperature good

  • Roselynn Smith on

    I loved all kinds of favor Kombucha will help My Nervous System Digestive system Respiratory System and all the Covid 19 Symptoms will Get better.

  • The YEABUCHA Sisters on

    Hi Rebekah! While we are not doctors or medical experts, and only speak from our personal experience, we’ve never heard this. We always recommend starting small, about 4oz of kombucha a day, and if desired working your way up to drinking if your stomach and body can handle it. You might be interested in trying to brew your own kombucha, as you can be in control of exactly what is in it! Some store bought brands have unnecessarily added sugar or artificial flavors and this could be bothering you. To get started with organic and easy home brew, you can grab one of our starter kits here! We make it simple and easy to get started!

  • Rebekah on

    I’ve been drinking store bought kombucha like crazy becashe I heard it was “healthy” or a “healthier option” and since then I’ve bloated like crazy , my period has been late for a month , and I’ve been feeling really unwell.
    My doctors said this is obvious signs from drinking kombucha too much

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